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To Do The Right Thing, Because It’s The Right Thing.

Hi my name is William Faulkner and I'm asking for your support. Below is my stance on current issues. If we are on the same page, please consider donating to my campaign. I am in need of your time so together we can spread the word around the district and your financial contributions so we can promote my stance to those who don't know me. Thank you for visiting and if you have any questions for me please use the contact form at the end of my site. Thank you for your support!

N.Y. Councilman Calls to Secure Border

In response to the Biden administration flying illegal immigrants to New York airports, one councilman is calling on lawmakers to take action.

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William's Position


Energy Independence

USA had … until Joe Biden unilaterally and immediately cancelled the XL pipeline to appease Arch-Liberals and The Squad. He suspended drilling in ANWR for the same reason. The common sense solution is clear. Re-open the pipeline and lease federal land for drilling. Doing this in parallel with further development of renewable energy options, is our best path forward. Short term and Long Term.



Stop the madness of Defunding the Police. For anyone who knows a Police Officer, would you want to defund the Police? Well, I agree. President Biden: Listen Carefully. You can defund the Police over my dead body.


The Border

We are a nation of laws as well as a nation of immigrants…legal immigrants. My grandparents were legal immigrants and when they got here, they did not get to choose which laws they obeyed. Selective Justice in not Just. We must enforce our sovereign borders so that America is out of the business of encouraging drug dealers to flood our shores with lethal Fentanyl killing almost 100,000 of our precious and vulnerable young people last year alone.


Inflation and the National Debt

Be the adult in the room. Know when to say No. You can’t have two desserts. With the Debt at about 29 Trillion dollars, if you started to count to 29 Trillion, started at one, at a pace of one dollar per second, it would take you almost a million years to reach our National Debt. This is wholly unsustainable.



It’s clear, parents know what’s best for their children, not government. We need to provide school tax credits and school choice for all Americans! This will create competition. Competitive forces will drive up Quality. Higher quality will ensure that no student graduates without knowing how to read, knowing how to write or knowing basic math. It is a national embarrassment that so many High School graduates are being given a diploma while being functionally illiterate.


I’m a native New Yorker born in the Bronx and living in Westchester for most of my life.

Professionally, I’ve spent over 25 years in Corporate America with IBM, PepsiCo and mostly GE. All in Finance specializing in Treasury and Banking. Expertise in the SWIFT Banking System setting a UN recognized international standard. The BSB standard.

Now, I own and operate several Flight Schools training the next generation of Excellent Pilots including the cadets at West Point.

Other community service I’ve enjoyed includes being a vice president of the Lions Club. President, Treasurer and Trustee of the Somers education foundation for over a decade, presiding over the raising of our One Millionth Dollar. 29-season Coach for AYSO soccer. A cadet officer in the Air Force’s Civil Air Patrol. Meals on Wheels Captain, United Way Corporate Team Leader, Member-Chamber of Commerce. & Special Olympics Volunteer.

Politically, I began my career at the Nationally Historic Elephant Hotel which serves as Town Hall when I was honored to represent my home town as Councilman with only one campaign promise: To Do The Right Thing, Because It’s The Right Thing. Since then, I’ve won three landslide victories and I’m in my ninth year of service. During my time, I’ve responsibly budgeted under the tax cap, maintained vital services and earned my town a Triple AAA credit rating proving you can cut costs and improve lives all at the same time. Doing this, while honing my unwavering principles of Truth, Justice and Liberty.

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